Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi Province and is one of the largest metropolitan cities outside Java with pleasant weather, many tourist attractions, diverse shopping experiences and a variety of good food options. The position of the city is a strategic position because it is located at the intersection of the traffic lane between the south and north and between the western and eastern regions of Indonesia. The total area of Makassar city is approximately 175.77 kmof land and 11 islands with approximately 100 kmof water area.

The current population of Makassar is around 1.7 million, most of which come from the Bugis and Makassar tribes and the rest come from the Toraja, Mandar, Javanese, Chinese, etc.

Makassar has several attractions that are popular with the public, including Losari Beach, Fort Rotterdam, Akkarena Beach, Lae-Lae Island, Samalona Island, kayangan Island, Tourism Village of Lakkang Village, and Kapoposang Island. While the variety of good food options include Coto Makassar, Pallubasa, Sop Saudara, Konro, Pallumara, Pisang Epe, Pallubutung, Pisang Ijo, etc.