About Purwokerto

Purwokerto is a city located in Central Java. Purwokerto is famous as a student city. One of the best universities in Purwokerto is Institut Teknologi Telkom Purwokerto. Purwokerto is also famous for its many tourist destinations. Tourist destinations that can be found in Purwokerto are the Baturaden tourist area, culinary tourism, and tourism, history tourist area.



Baturaden is tourist area located in slopes of mount Slamet. Baturaden tourist area can be visited within 15 minutes from Purwokerto. Baturaden has hot water spring, swiming pool, hanging bike, and waterfall destination. The most visited destination in Baturaden is waterfall destination. Waterfall in Baturaden has clear water and fresh air. Waterfall destination located in Baturaden is Waterfall Gede, Waterfall Ceheng, Waterfall, Nagga, and manymore.





Culinary Tourism
Purwokerto has many delicious culinary selection at affordable proces and easy to find. Culinary tourism can be found in cafes, malls, street food, or traditional Market. The most sought after culinary in Purwokerto is mendoan, soto sokaraja, getuk goreng and many more.






History Destination
One of the most popular historical attractions in Purwokerto is the Bank Rakyat Indonesia Museum. Bank BRI was first established in Purwokerto in 1895 by R. Aria Wiryaatmadja. Another tourist attraction is the Monument to the Bogor Commander General Sudirman. The location is just east of the Logawa River bridge which is the entrance to Purwokerto City from the west.